What topics to study before flight school?

Hello, everybody!

I am a 17 year old Danish student, and I have made a decision to look more into becoming a pilot. It’s not without consideration - I have read through several PDF “books” on the topic, and I definitely think it’s worth it, because I love flying.

My current experience with planes is around 30 minutes of flight time in what looks like a Cessna 172 (however I can’t be sure. It was in Aerodrom Medulin, Croatia). The pilot took off and landed, but he handed me the controls when we were up in the air. Other than that, it’s just 20 hours in MS FSX and lots of RC plane experience. My first choice of flight school is Greybird Aviation in Tirstrup, Denmark, as I live close there and don’t have to move away to attend there.

My main question is this:

What topics should I study at home to prepare? I am generally interested in aviation, and have been for a number of years. A couple of days ago I started studying the ICAO phonetic alphabet, but I’d like to study some more. What topics, like meteorology, aerodynamics, etc. do you recommend reading up on?

Pictures of a happy flying me here!



Meteorology and aerodynamics would be a good start. Too be honest though, you really need to consult an expert in your country as the ICAO requirements are very different than FAA requirements.

Good luck, I wish you the best.


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Thank you for your kind reply. Thank you, I’ll contact someone more local and start researching meteorology, as I have a nice grasp on basic aerodynamics already.