What was a typical day like as a flight instructor?

Hi guys,
I’m almost done with my PPL and I was just curious what a typical day was like for you as a flight instructor either at ATP or If you instructed at another flight school? Also how did you enjoy the lifestyle?



A typical day for me started at 8am and went until 5 or 6pm. I would do ground instruction with my students, go fly for a few hours and then do more ground instruction. I didn’t fly everyday as sometimes weather gets in the way or the student needs to focus on ground school and not actually fly. It is very much a full time job and ground instruction takes up most of that time. It was very hard work, but I really enjoyed it. I learned so much about flying and had some really great students. In many ways, it was the most fun that I have ever had in aviation.




To add to what Chris said, most CFIs use the job as a stepping stone to get
to the next level. The lifestyle of a CFI varies. A CFI at an accelerated
flight school works full time and overtime if they have/want to. There
isn’t much time for anything else.

A CFI at a local flight school is more like a 9-5 kind of job. Plus, there
is less pressure to complete the training within a certain amount of time.
So, the environment is more relaxed.


Ok great thanks for the information, appreciate it a lot!!!