What was your experience financing the program?

Hello everyone, this question pertains to the financing options available for the program. I see that ATP offers loans through Sallie Mae as well as Wells Fargo. My question is, what has been any graduates experience with a Sallie Mae loan so far? I went to university and obtained a 4 year degree, which was thankfully financed on a nearly full academic scholarship which allowed me to pay the rest out of pocket. I am looking to start the program in December when I return from my travels, I am just concerned about signing quite a large loan with a company that has not had many good comments made about it from all aspects.

Thanks in advance!

Nick C


I’m a little confused as to which company or companies you are referring to
as having, as you put it, a bad reputation. I think you’re referring to the
banks. If so, the loans are personal loans. So, because the banks are
taking a big risk the interest rates are high. But as someone who took out
a loan and completed the program…there’s not much else to say. You just
do it. The tuition reimbursement program is awesome and because I’ve taken
advantage of it I can make $1000 payments on my loan and it will be paid
off 6 years from now. Truth is, I don’t think twice about my decision,
because I’m doing something that I love and I wouldn’t have been able to do
it without it.


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