What would you say are the cons of ATP?

I’m thinking about taking the leap and enrolling in ATP. The nearest location to me is TTN. I wouldn’t be able to work though during the program, as I know it’s quite intense. I would need a loan as well, and taking such a large loan at 28 years old does worry me to be honest. Although I like the flight school I’m at now, I haven’t flown in over 2 weeks due to availability issues. I started there at the beginning of January, and I’m not even close to soloing. Also, is it possible to finish a degree online while at ATP? Would that be too much? Thanks.


So let me make sure I understand your question. You know you can’t work while at ATP (even part time) due to the accelerated nature and intensity of the training but you want to know if you could finish a college degree?

ATP gets you your licenses and ratings in months vs years (if you had started with ATP in January not only would you have soloed, you’d have your PPL). Now if you want to roll the dice and work on a degree while participating in a program that some consider more challenging than actual airline training knowing you’ve invested $80k and if you bust some checkrides it will stay on your record forever possibly preventing you from having a successful career as a pilot, then by all means (this is America and you can do as you like) but if it were me I’d wait.


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I’m confused. The title of your post asks about cons of ATP? But the body of your post asks about the possibility to obtain an online degree while in the program? Those are two different questions.

As Adam said, if the program is too condensed to work simultaneously, then taking online classes is out of the question too. Most wait to start their online degrees until they are at a regional.



One way or another, you need to move on from the school you are at. There just should not be availability issues like that. It will be a very long road to being an airline pilot at that kind of school.

I would strongly recommend against any kind of college training while at ATP as the program is very intense and something is going to suffer, whether it be your grades or your flying. Save the college for when you are at the regionals, you will have a lot more time than.

Yes, flight training is expensive, but it is also a job that can pay very well. I relayed my loan long time ago and for me it has been the best investment I ever made.


Just curious: At which school are doing your PPL?

I am also near TTN

Eagles View Aviation based at Monmouth Jet Center.