When to apply for a job


My former instructor said that it’s a good idea to start applying even if you are a few hours short of the minimum total time as long as you have the required ratings. Do you agree?

For example, Ameriflight just lowered their minimums: 500TT, 100XC, 25ME, 25 night, and 75 instrument. By the time I’m done with ATP I’ll have about 435TT, 200XC, 40ME, about 15 night, and 115 instrument. Since money isn’t a big issue for me, I could always rent a plane back at my home airport to reach the minimum times. I figured why not apply to see what happens. What are your thoughts about this?


I disagree. Now I understand and appreciate the industry has changed dramatically but mins are the mins. Now I haven’t been through Ameriflight’s application, but many will ask “do you meet our minimums?”. If you click no your application is kicked. If you click yes and you haven’t, well you just lied on your application and when you show up and they check your log book how would you explain the discrepancy? Even in your scenario, say they call and you run out and build the time before your interview you still lied on your application and again your logbook won’t jive date wise. Your call but I wouldn’t do it.



Thanks for the good advice. I won’t apply until I exceed the minimums.

How about just meet them?



I would get the application all ready and hit submit the moment that you meet the minimums. Before you reach the minimums there is nothing wrong with contacting their recruiting department and letting them know that you are interested in working for them.


Thanks Chris. Will do!