When to do my admission flight?

Good morning. After extensive research and enjoying a discovery flight very much, I have decided to change careers. I would like to leave my current job next July. When should I get the ball rolling with my admission flight? What is the timeline following that admissions flight to start of school? Thank you


Are you planning on July 2024? If so, we recommend you start the admission process about 6-9 months prior to an anticipated start date. Once completing all the admission steps you can secure a start date as far as 9 months in advance. We recommend that as classes do fill up.


Yes ma’am. It would be for July 2024. Am I able to still work while completing my admission tasks?

Of course. You can do whatever you like until you start training. After that ATP OWNS you! :wink:


Is there a common expiration period to an FAA medical exam? So look at financing around that 9 month mark?


6-9mos on the financing because you can’t lock in a start date until you secure financing and start dates do fill up.

Your First Class Medical is good for a year and it must be current when you start. If you have any health concerns you might want to go early to make certain there are no issues, but I’d you’re healthy and have no other issues (DUI, etc) you can wait a bit.


Thank you all for the help

Thanks for this question and answer!

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Everyone already answered your questions well, one thing I’d like to add is don’t wait until the last minute to do anything. Financing I would start looking at as early as 9 months prior to starting. The Admissions Flight is good for one year along with your First Class Medical, and if there’s any complications with the medical process you have time. Also, depending on your area medicals can cost as low as $100 so if it did expire during attendance of ATP, you can apply for a new one and visit an AME nearby.

Since you’re looking to start July 2024, I would start the Admissions Flight no earlier than August. Then work on the financial and medical process in November which would put you 9 months. And start working on your Airman Knowledge Tests (“writtens”) immediately following, they are good for 24 calendar months.