Where to get cash with these new "debit" cards

I know these new cards are a relatively new thing, and I can’t be the only one having this issue… The bank they’re issued from/associated with is only in 2 or 3 states on the east coast. Check rides, at least around here, are cash only, for the most part. Makes it kinda difficult to withdraw a large sum of cash, without it being a huge was of 20’s. How do those of you who had the tests included in your finances get the cash for the checkrides? It’s been quite frustrating…

Well there are many popular banks with many branches around the nation, instead of the said bank you are talking about with only 3 branches in the east coast.

Take JPMorgan Chase Bank for example, or Bank of America. I’m certain they have a branch that is a drive away from where you are located.

Not only that, but you don’t need to be a bank member where the atm is located to withdraw cash. You can use your bank card in any atm (you can use a chase card in a capital one bank atm) it just charges a small fee. Even rite aid/walgreens/walmart/whatever have ATMs all around the country. So you aren’t limited to just those specific branches.

As for the 20s thing, many major banks have ATMs where you can select how you want your bills (in this case x amount of 100 dollar bills). In the end, all money is legal tender. It might be annoying the the DPE, but as long as it’s not all in 1 dollar bills, a few 20s is fine.

Most banks will give you what is called a Cash Advance from the Card you are carrying. I’ve done it bunches of times when I needed large bills ($50 or $100’s) instead of $600 in $20’s from the ATM.
Most of the time you do not have to have an account at the said bank either for them to do that. Just go to the nearest bank and ask them to do that for you. The worst they can say is NO so you go to the next one and so one

Right, I know I could go to just about any atm and get cash. But they usually only have 20’s.

Next one I’ll plan a little better and go to a bank a few days before. It was 11pm the night before my private checkride before I thought about not being able to get big bills from an atm.

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As a former bank employee having worked in the financial industry, I can say that if you are polite and explain to the bank representatives that you would like to exchange the $20 bills for large denomination, they would do it. Most of the time banks prefer you to be a customer, but if you explain that you’re a student at a flight school and the purpose of the exchange for larger bills is for professionalism and simplicity, they will understand.




You do have the option of having the money put straight into your own checking account instead of the debit card, perhaps that would be more useful for you.



Ok, I think I got it sorted out. I bank at a credit union, so it’s the same sort of boat, but at least I have a branch local, but they don’t actually have tellers, but the machines at least have large bills. I am able to use my card there, but am limited to withdrawing 500 a day, and I think my personal debit card at least has a similar limitation, but at least I’d save the three dollar fee each time.

After posting this, I was actually contacted via email by someone from the school to inform me of being able to have it deposited directly into my account.

I think most my stress came from the realization at 11pm the night before my checkride that I still didn’t have the cash, and wouldn’t be able to withdraw it all in time with the 500 dollar limit. I’m lucky enough that my parents were able to loan me the 700 for the checkride. The more expensive checkride might be a bit tricky, with having to make maybe 3 or 4 trips, each on different days, to the atm. Now that that’s known, as long as I plan for it, it shouldn’t be a big deal. No more additional panic at 11pm the night before. I don’t think that was very healthy for me :rofl:

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