Which is my best route?

Hello all!

Warm greetings to everyone. My name is Ryu-Rain. I live on an island where becoming an airline pilot isn’t too common, however I plan to move to Houston within the next month or two to fulfill my dream. I have been doing some research on becoming a pilot and found ATP an amazing option. To my understanding, ATP offers a 7 month fast tracked program. The only obstacle on my plate is that I will be having to get a job upon my relocation to support myself. I guess I would say my main concern is, what are my best routes on fulfilling this dream whilst working a full time job?



ATP is an amazing option however working during the program is not and should be a concern. How ATP can deliver the 7mos FastTrack is by highly accelerating the training and that requires a full-time commitment. Attempting to work and train at the same time is a recipe for failure.

You’d be far better off waiting until you’re in a better position financially or can secure a loan.

You also don’t mention what island you’re from. If it’s not in the US you should know to train with ATP you must be either a citizen or have permanent resident status.



You will not be able to work while in ATP’s program. The program is a highly accelerated flight training program, you will need every spare minute for studying, flying, or rest.

Many students take out an extra stipend as part of their loan that they use for living expenses, I suggest discussing this with the financing department.