Which location? Utah or Oregon?

Hello my name is Brittney and I was born and raised in Hawaii. I have been extremely interested in flying and after May of this year I would love to start at Atp. Of course, I’d have to leave home, which my parents do not like. They are both flight attendants. I have narrowed my selections down to Utah and Oregon. My parents airline company only flies to Oregon so of course they want me to go to Oregon. I want to finish the 9 month program and hopefully instruct in the same location I pick, but I don’t know which is better for me:

  1. Which location has the best weather to fly in from August-May?
  2. Which location has the most helpful instructors?
  3. Which is the safer place to live? (Since I will definitely be alone)
  4. (Overview of the Locations?)
    Thank you.

Aloha Brittney,

I’m a Hawaiian Airlines Capt and since you live here and your parents airline only flies to Oregon and not Utah I’m thinking they fly for Hawaiian as well. Small world. Anyway to your question. ATP prides itself and does a very fine job standardizing the training at all their locations. While you may or may not be a fan, it like McDonald’s. McDonald’s is so successful because no matter where you order that Big Mac, whether it’s in Houston, Honolulu or Haneda, for better or worse it’s equal. Same goes for ATP as far as the training goes. As for the rest both get snow (Utah more) and both have good and bad neighborhoods but ATP’s housing will be comparably close to the airport. It’s really a wash and comes down to which you feel more comfortable with.


I’m enrolled at the Utah location and will be starting at the end of August. I’ve visited the school and can answer some of your questions. Send me a PM if you would like to know anything specifically.


Yes my parents work for both Hawaiian Air! I’ve talked to them recently and they said we’ll take a look into those two different locations. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you Trey! I appreciate it!


ATP tried very hard to standardize their locations as much as possible. All instructors go through the exact same standardization process, the company would not put a location in a place that has consistently bad weather, and they would never house students in an unsafe area. None of those things would be good for students and from a pragmatic perspective, they certainly would not be good for business either.

If I were you I would simply chose the location that is most convenient for you and not give it much else thought. Although I will caution you, in a highly accelerated program there will not be much time for family visits and you certainly will not have time to fly home.