Which option do I pick?

Hey y’all! I’ve been trying to decide between 2 options and figured instead of breaking my brain to instead ask the ones who have come before me for guidance. I’m looking to start my training in December of this year. I’m working currently in a dead end job in Atlanta that pays enough for basic needs (in short, I don’t have money in savings)

Option 1: move in with my sister. She allowed me to live with her for for free. She lives 2 hours one way from Richmond, VA meaning I would need to make that commute every day for 9 months which isn’t ideal. Also not sure if weather really plays a factor but probably should be considered when I want to get my CFI as fast as possible.

Option 2: take out a bigger loan and move to Fort Lauderdale. Better weather, shorter commute - but tougher option financially.

Honestly any insight or opinion would be appreciated. I already have my medical but am waiting to take my intro flight until after I secure my loan.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and advice!!

I personally would do option 2… I think that having to commute that far would make you struggle. Especially if weather is unpredictable and flights get canceled then you had driven there for nothing. I would just take xtra money for loans, bills, and other necessities


Where do you live? Pick the location closest to that. You work in Atlanta? What about one of ATP’s 3 locations in Atlanta? Don’t overthink the location. ATP is trying to make it more convenient by having so many options. Honestly, a 2 hour drive and a loan for housing that it sounds like you don’t need both sound like bad ideas.


Absolutely option #2. Four hours per day in the car is just way too much, you need time to study, sleep and relax.

Not to mention that if that two hour drive involved either interstate 95 or 64, it could be considerably longer.


Not even a choice. A 4hr daily commute isn’t going to work and unless you’re driving an electric it’s almost going to cost you rent in what you’re spend in gas.