Which regional ? Live in Dallas

Seeking honest feedback.

Skywest or Envoy ? Seeking/Things Important to me:

  • eventual get assigned DFW base
  • Solid training program and “pedigree”
  • “fly a lot”
  • quick upgrade
  • Co-workers not toxic and spewing venom
  • Pay (yes “its the regionals” I know)
  • Flight Benefits for teenage, soon to be college, children, spouse AND my parents.
  • Opportunities in Safety, Training, etc departments in Dallas

Thank you


My question for you is where are you in the process? If you’re close to the point of making the decision than I’d encourage you to reach out to recruiters and have some conversations. If you’re just starting out than I’d say put it on the backburner for now and focus on your training. A lot can happen between now and then.


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