Which school should i go to?

Hi. Iv been living in the U.S for about 10 yrs and i recently received U.S citizenship. My first language is korean but i speak and write and understand English pretty well.
So i was wondering if i should go to the atp flight school for international students which is located in florida or arizona OR just attend a regular atp flight school located in california.
Can you recommend me one?


Can an international student attend a regular atp school in any location or do they have to go to the specific location? Im asking because my friend from korea is also interested in it.


Congratulations on obtaining your citizenship! I take it that your goal is to fly for a US based carrier, so you should definitely attend the regular Airline Career Pilot Program, you can attend at any location that works for you.

Your friend would need to attend the International version of the ACPP, which is offered at the Daytona Beach and Phoenix locations.