Why do you guys became air pilots?

I am 32 years old and thinking on switching my professional career.


I became a pilot simply because I love to fly and getting paid to do something you enjoy is the secret of life.




When I first thought of flying, I remember hearing a quote from an anonymous user: “a mile of highway will take you just one mile … but a mile of runway will take you anywhere!” Being a racecar driver sounds fun and thrilling, but it’s making left turns and constantly sitting in a hotbox that doesn’t sound appealing. Like Adam said, take a passion and being paid to live your passion, it’s a win-win.


I was just facsinated with the technology


I started because I loved the lifestyle it provided. I continued because I fell in love with flying.


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So I do not have the typical story of loving aviation from a young age, etc. I became a pilot because I saw the quality of life that it provided my father. I have since come to love the job.

For me I am similar to Hannah. I was attracted to the lifestyle, then my love for flying grew overtime.

A good schedule is still the best and worst thing about the job, depending on where a pilot stands on the seniority list.

I still love flying, not just the physical but the mental side too.

I am also really loving all the free food! :yum:



Free food?!?! I guess i joined for the right reason!!! I really just enjoy the view! I cant wait for this to be my career!


Be careful with that free food. While it might taste decent, it is certainly not good for you. I ballooned up when I was flying international and they just fed us for eight hours straight. Went back to domestic, with less free food and less time zone changes, and I lost the extra weight.

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I believe it! Im going to be careful! Thanks for the warning!