Why Should I become a pilot?

Hello all,
This is my first post here. I just signed up today. I recently decided on a career change. I am researching possibilities. I will be taking the next 6 months off at least before deciding. So my question is why should I become a pilot?

A bit about myself. I know this is necessary so you can cater your answers towards my interest. I am a 26 yr old Army veteran. I was discharged in 2012 Honorable due to a medical issue. I am a 90% protected disabled Veteran through the Veterans Affairs Disabilities Office. The discharge was due to my back and ankles. I have my good days and my bad days. After my discharge I started work on my Bachelors degree. I eventually earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Anthropology double major at Texas State University. I currently work part time at the YMCA in Buda, Texas which is about 15 mins south of Austin, TX. If I do plan on attending ATP this would be the location of choice and Austin Airport or San Antonio would be the airport I’d prefer a job at. At least for the time being. I am 5ft 1 and honestly am currently overweight, I do have tattoos, but no piercings other than ears. I am use to shift work, long hours, overnights, and odd hours due to my time in the military and shift work at several psychiatric treatment centers.

My father served in the air force and I was always around airplanes, jets, and airports. As a kid I had pictures of planes plastered around my room and I wanted to be a pilot. This is why I am researching the possibility. But I want to insure this is what I want to do. I have already gone into 2 career fields and decided it was not what I wanted to do; these being teaching and mental health. I obviously support them but I personally cannot work the field anymore for various reasons. So tell me why I should or Should not look into this.
I have scrolled through and read quite a bit of post.

Francis M!


Welcome to the forum. I can’t tell you why you should become a pilot, only you can decide that. Being a pilot is something that requires a passion and dedication, either you have it or you don’t. What I can tell you is that for me this has been a great career. I make a good salary, have plenty of time off and get to see the world. I have no regrets about making this choice.

I recommend that you take some time and further review the forum posts, also look at our schedules and “Flying the Line” stories. At some point you should schedule an introductory flight to see if flying is really something you are interested in.

As always, feel free to come here with any questions that you have.



I don’t want to sound rude, but honestly if you don’t know why you want to be a pilot then you probably shouldn’t be one. Different people have different motivations but the number one reason is because they want to fly. If you need someone to convince you to try a career then it’s doubtful it’ll be something you enjoy. In my opinion I have the greatest job on Earth but it all started with a very basic desire. Flying is neither easy nor inexpensive. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication and sometimes sacrifice. It’s the desire that keeps you going and makes it worthwhile.