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Why your training isn't just about checking boxes

Both this pilot and Colgan 3407’s show why checkride busts do matter and your primary training is more than just getting to the airlines. Scary and tragic.


Instrument Flying 101 - Always trust your instruments!

Hopefully most pilots have used their downtime to re-familiarize themselves with the fundamentals. I don’t have too many high hopes in that case, but a pilot should never stop learning (or relearning for that matter). Even as flight instructors our job is to be subject matter experts and not just be chair warmers until 1,500TT. For those beginning their training, take every bit of it seriously.

The stuff you learn for your certificates is the base fundamentals that will keep you alive and make you a safe pilot throughout your career. Even then there is so much more you can learn beyond the base knowledge. Utilize the FAA Safety Wings program, and instructors make sure you subscribe to NAFI. Both great programs that will help keep your knowledge on point and make it easier to sharpen your skills once back in the cockpit.

Hope everyone is staying healthy, and those still flying are staying safe!

Michael T.