Will bankarupcy or defradued loans effect hiring to the Airlines

hey, I was having a conversation with a fellow pilot about having really bad credits history due to financial difficulties and how will that affect my reputation and acceptance into an airline. I’m 22 working as a CFI but I’m worried I might not have a chance to even be called to an interview for having a bad credit history. Does anyone know, whether this is a factor that will prevent me from achieving my dreams?


Bad credit, by itself, will not negatively affecting your chances of getting an interview. Airlines care about ratings and experience. They also always want you to be honest. If it comes up, which I doubt it will, don’t hide it. Own it and talk about what you learned from it.



While I agree with the Tory based credit won’t prevent you from getting an interview, it can impact you actually getting hired. Most airlines save the background, credit and MV checks for after the interview before they actually give you a final offer of employment and a class date. Particularly since hiring has slowed due to the pandemic.

I obviously don’t know how bad we’re talking but you need to start working on improving it now and come up with something better than it was due to “financial difficulties”. There’s that part in the ATP requirements about being of “good moral character”. The airlines hire responsible adults. Defrauding on loans does not demonstrate that quality. I was asked about a 10 yr old charged off AT&T cellphone acct for $70.