Will I for sure start turboprop and how fast will I get to change aircraft realisticly?

I would like to know if all airline pilots start flying in turboprop planes or if there are a lot that don’t. I would also like to know realistically in the industry right now how quick can you change the plane types you fly.


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The fact is the majority of pilots these days never fly turboprops. There are relatively few turboprop operators in the US in comparison to the amount of turbofan RJs. Since there are fewer operators and aircraft the number of pilots starting in them in minimal.

As for changing the type of aircraft that depends of the airline and the operation. When I was at ExpressJet we only had one aircraft so there was no other to move to. While many Regional carriers do have multiple types, the types also vary with different operations and bases so that’s another consideration. Same goes for the Majors. That said most airlines have seat locks to prevent pilots from jumping around from aircraft to aircraft (since training is very expensive). The seat locks usually last 2-3 yrs. After that it’s a matter of whether your seniority can hold the aircraft you want and that can range from months to years.



I kinda wish I had the opportunity to fly a turbo-prop, but like Adam said, the reality is that these aircraft are a lot less common nowadays.