Will I get a job while owing taxes?

Hello all.

Long story short, I owe about 40k in taxes which with a payment plan will take me about 10 years to pay off.

IF I could even get approved for the loan for ATP (which sounds laughable in my situation and probably is, but I’d have a co-signer with very high income. Like $300k+ a year high) would I even be employable from an airline’s point of view?

My dream was to start here at the beginning of the year and now I feel like my dreams have completely gone up in flames.

No guarantees but if you’re current on your payments you should be fine.


I think you will have a hard time getting approved for the loan, but it is worth applying and finding out.

Thanks for the replies. I don’t have a tax lien or anything luckily. I just got behind (extremely foolishly and irresponsibly) so I’m getting ahead of it now. I don’t want to give up on my dream of eventually becoming a pilot. I’m 29 and have been researching this for over a year. I’ve also done a couple flying lessons so I know I’m comfortable and personally feel like I’m capable.

Just, if I did get approved for the loan with my co-signer, that I wouldn’t get all the way to the interview process and be passed up for my tax debt.

Hopefully by the time uu interview with an airline you will have your back taxes paid off.

Likely not…I’ll be paying them off but they won’t be completely paid off.

Does that come up in their background checks?

I don’t know if this is an option for you but if your co signers trusts you and you trust them, maybe they could loan you money to pay it off and then you pay them back so that it is like you don’t have any debt. That’s what I did for college. Had my grandparents loan me money that I’d pay back to them rather than debt

@JoshuaMcCormick unfortunately I don’t think that’s an option.