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Will this be a viable career 10 years from now

I am 14 have only flown for 20 hours and am wondering if this will still be a good career option when i am 30 or 40 I really love flying and the job appeals to me but i saw the post about pilotless flights and am concerned


Don’t be misled by the article. This “prediction” about pilotless airplanes
has been perpetuating for decades. The author is a Reporter for CNN who
specializes in economics. All she did was gather facts about automation and
then use those facts to explain how much more economical airlines would be
without pilots…No offense, but DUH?! Do you see any other logical
argument other than saving the airline money? There are many other articles
out there that debunk this hypothesis.


Thank you I only have 20 hours but i enjoy it so much


Look at my response to James’ post. The short answer is yes, this will absolutely still be a viable career in ten, even fifty years and I have no concern about that.