Wings certifications

Hello. I was wondering if holding any of the FAA’s Wings certifications would help during an airline interview?

Hi Nathan,

While they definitely don’t hurt (I actually had a few levels) I don’t believe they really make any difference other than possible conversation or “gee whiz” stuff.



I can’t see that being a factor in an airline interview. The airlines are going to focus on your total flight time, the quality of that time, your educational backgrounds and how you would handle certain situations, amongst other things.


Thanks Chris. I’ll probably do it just for my own continuing education

That is a different thing altogether. The wings program is a great way to keep your knowledge up to date.

The Wings program is also good for:

  1. It can help a lot in case you get a violation.

  2. It can be used to renew your CFI ratings when the time comes.

So it is definitely beneficial to keep up with the program, even if it doesn’t really help with the interview.