Women in aviation scholar, any experience?

Hi I see the women in aviation webspage is closed for this year’s application. Any women have successful experience with this scholarship program? If I apply next year, is this scholarship possible for a backpay, or I have to wait for another year? Thanks.


While I’m not a WIA member, I do know many. If you notice on the application they ask about your aviation experience and your current licenses and ratings. That’s due to the fact that many aviation related grants, scholarships and reimbursements, etc are hesitant to give any funding to anyone with zero experience. That’s because frankly you might not have any aptitude for it and they’d rather give the money to someone who has already demonstrated some ability.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t point out that in your other post you basically said you’re less than honest on your taxes. Not really what they’re looking for in scholarship recipients.


That’s how real estate goes. Most people get into rentals to save tax which is all legal deductions. Not unhonest. You need to have all repair receipts kept and it has to be older houses to apply to depreciations, not any new buildings.


Yes because you legally deduct house repair credit card receipts and house depreciations based on the older age of the house.

And much older age house deducted lots of tax too, for the property value depreciations on older houses every year.

That’s why all real estate investors make more than their tax returns. It doesn’t apply when you buy a relatively newer house.


I’m quite familiar with RE, taxes, etc. What you need to understand is your deductions lower your taxable income and therefore your tax liabilty, but not necessarily your actual net income. There’s a HUGE difference between things like depreciation and actual expenses you need to pay out. Lenders (like Sallie Mae) are well aware how taxes work and simply want to be certain you can afford to pay your loan.


This scholarship is a big deal. It’s very competitive and highly coveted. Apply and see what happens. Just know that scholarships in this industry are few and far between.


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