Women in the Industry

Are their any women pilots out there that can tell me how successful women are? I did some research and saw that there are certain things that holds them back from being successful in flight school. Also, why is there not a lot of women who are pilots?

There is nothing based on gender that would hinder someone from being successful at flight school. Opportunities for female pilots in aviation are as abundant as male pilots.

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Not sure where you’re getting your information from but there are MANY successful women in aviation. While the numbers are definitely lower than their male counterparts that has ZERO to do with ability and more with “traditional female roles”. I encourage you to check out https://www.wai.org/ and see just how successful and prevalent women are in the industry.


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Jasmine - I came across this article and thought you may enjoy it…

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Thank you for this. It is truly inspiring.


I know this is a bit delayed, but feel free to message me Jasmine if you have questions. I am a female and I went through ATP in March of 2013. I have been at a regional airline for over 2.5 years now. I’d be happy to answer your questions.