Work and school

Do you think it would be possible to work a part time job as well as go to school?


Many people work and go to school.

However, since you’re on this forum I’m going to assume by school you mean ATP. If that’s the case, while it’s possible it’s HIGHLY discouraged. ATP compresses what usually takes years into months. Many find the program incredibly challenging even when dedicating 100% of their time to the program. Attempting to work (yes even part-time) is a recipe for failure and failing checkrides could make a huge impact on your future.

Further while no one can stop you, this warning is stated clearly on the ATP website. If you do and fail there will be no do-overs, “I’m sorry, I made a mistake” etc etc etc. You can however join the ranks of the other people who blame and bash ATP and say how the program isn’t fair.

Your call but $90k and your future is ALOT to gamble for a part-time job.



Attending ATP and working any sort of job is discouraged as it can heavily impact your performance during training. Not only can it impact performance, but let’s say you have a late shift and early flight, and you don’t get adequate rest and are fatigued… you could potentially make the mistake of flying which would disrupt your training ability and/or put at risk for an incident/accident. I’m not a fan of attempting any side job while attending ATP, take what you’d learn in a 4-year timespan at University or Academy and crunch it into 7-months. That’s a lot of material in short span of time.

You definitely do not want to toss money that some can’t acquire out trying to work during your admissions at ATP.