So to join ATP it is required you get two years of college or work experience before joining them. I was wondering if I worked as a ramp agent would that be fine as work experience? Thanks in advance!


“Equivalent work experience” is at the discretion of ATP Admin. They’re basically looking for consistency but you’d have to tell them specifically what you were doing (job responsibilities) and how long and they would make the final decision.



Admissions decisions are always left up to the admissions department, but I think that two years of being a ramp agent would be fine. ATP wants to see that you are able to stick with something for a certain period of time, the actual nature of the work experience is less important.


I know I haven’t posted questions or comments in a while (pretty much since all of my questions have been answered in light speed) but I was wondering since the title of this thread is fitting, is it realistic to get accepted into ATP straight out of college (bachelors degree)? The reason I ask is because it seems like people who have been out of college for a while cannot get the necessary loans due to having too little credit history. If it was possible, just really hard, what would that entail me doing in college so I have a good chance of getting accepted? (i.e working, starting a business, etc.) Unfortunately my family and I aren’t made of money (like most I assume) so I feel like this is important. Sorry in advance if it’s a question that should be asked to administration, but I was just wondering if you guys could give any insight.

The best thing that I could recommend is to just try and keep your credit score as high as possible. Stay away from credit card debt, used car loans, store debt, anything at all that could decrease your credit score.

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