Work Exp for regionals

Hello I have a year and a half work experience as a Ramp agent, and other jobs like security and call center. I wanted to know if

  1. I could get into ATP with multiple work experience? (Not just one job)
  2. If its difficult to do online college while doing regionals?

3.I also wanted to know how long does a bank want their loans back if you take one? Can I start paying them when I become a pilot?

  1. Lastly I wanted to know if I attended ATP, what are the chances of me failing a check ride?

Usually when I bring up that I want to be a pilot around college students they always have something bad to say about becoming one.



  1. That’s a question for ATP Admin. They are the one’s who determine eligibility. Give them a call at 800-ALL- ATPS (800-255-2877)

  2. That entirely depends on you and your study habits. Some people do very well and find it no problem at all, others struggle. Put in the work and you should be fine.

  3. Most banks will allow you to at least defer your full payments (make interest only payments) until you’re hired. Keep in mind you’ll end up paying more. Also be aware if you may be eligible for Tuition Reimbursement if you sign an agreement with a Regional.

  4. That’s pretty much the same answer as #2. ATP training is highly accelerated and requires a tremendous amount of hard work. Put in the time and effort and you should be fine, don’t and your chances of a bust go up dramatically.

Not sure what the average college student knows about being a pilot but I’d take it with a grain of salt.



  1. That will be up to the admissions department, but I suspect that it will be fine.

  2. Taking classes while working is of course more challenging than not doing so, but it is certainly doable and many pilots before you have done it.

  3. You will have to talk to the admissions department on this one as they are the financial experts.

  4. There is no possible way to answer that. Check ride performance is determined by the individual. Some people work incredibly hard and do very well, some people work hard but still struggle with he flying. It will really be up to you and your abilities. I can tell you this though, your flight instructors will not want to sign you off for check rides unless they think that you are ready.


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