Work Experience Questions


For some background information, I’m 17 years old, currently a senior in high school and an aspiring airline pilot. I haven’t had a job yet due to my parents wanting me to focus on school. I will be most likely to start applying for jobs and internships next summer as I will have a minimal amount of classes during the summer semester of college. I will be resuming my flight training next summer as well and will be getting my private and - hopefully - my instrument rating.
As for what I was wondering, is there anything in particular that airlines will look for in my past work experience? Would previous work experience in the aviation field help my chances of becoming an airline pilot? For example, I am considering applying for an internship with the National Weather Service.
Thank you!


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Airlines look for experience, solid training, good references and a good educational background. They’re far less concerned with your previous employment. Focus on doing well in school and in your flight training.


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