Work Experience

I have a question regarding admission to ATP with work experience instead of Associates degree that they require. What type of work experience are they looking for? I’m currently going to school to finish my Associates but would like to know if my work experience counts as well. I work in Logistics and have been working for almost a year.


Call admissions and ask. They make the decisions. Not us.



As Tory said it’s really admin’s call. That said the requirements state “equivalent work experience” to a 2yr associates degree. I’m not sure how “working for almost a year” would be equivalent to a 2yr degree?



Regardless of what the admissions department says, I would recommend finishing your associates degree before switching to flight training. It would just be good to have it finished and be able to move on completely to another chapter of your life. FYI,. if you want to work st a major airline, you will most likely need a full bachelor’s degree.