Work in the Air Force

I am working Ramp Services for the United States Air Force. I found flying planes pretty interesting for a long time, but haven’t found the time or money to do so. I would just like some information on how to get around to setting up lessons/classes to be trained to fly aircrafts, even if its just a small cessna to start out, and to build into something bigger with more schooling/lessons. Please and thank you.
P.S. Probably doesn’t mean much, but I play Microsoft Flight Simulator so I have a very small understanding aircraft controls (yes i know every aircraft controls differently).


It really isn’t that complicated. Find a local flight school and schedule an Intro flight/lesson. If you like it take some more, if you don’t don’t. If you really like it and think it’s something you might want to pursue as a career then you should consider a flight academy like ATP that can provide all the training you need to become a professional. It’s really that simple.

Btw, I tried my son’s new Xbox and did pretty well but I don’t see myself being dropped into a war zone as a mercenary or playing pro football any time soon.




The best places to start are the FAQ section of this website and the “Become A Pilot” section of ATP’s main website. There is tons of goof information there that will help you figure out how to get started.

Beyond that, you really need to take an introductory flight to see how much you really enjoy flying airplanes.