Work rules


Very specific question regarding work rules at the various airlines ya’ll work at.

A family friend who works at southwest and has helped me start my journey in aviation told me the other day that if he decides to take a vacation; any vacation day that over laps with a trip is extended into the trip and he is pretty much dropped from that trip while still being paid for it. So essentially if he has a flight on days 3-4-5-6 and 8-9-10-11 but decides to take vacation days on days 6-7-8 he can extend a 3 day vacation into 9 days. It’s one of the reasons he enjoys flying for Southwest so much and also why I would like to work there in the future but obviously if this concept regarding overlapping vacations and trips is available at other airlines then I have one less thing to worry about when deciding which regional/major to fly for.

Obviously this is not something I would pick one airline over another for but for me it’s a pretty big deal to get that much time off.

I hope my explanation made sense.



It makes perfect sense because that was something we HAD at ExpressJet back in the day. It’s also (I believe?) the first thing the new management got rid of when they took over the airline (if not I’m sure they’re still trying). Besides SWA I don’t know any other airline anywhere that has that provision. While it’s great for the pilots it’s a really bad deal for the airline.