Work/ Training

Thank you for the welcome Chris, appreciate it. As I’m looking into getting my pilot license plus working full time job. How difficult is it to find a flexible school schedule and work full time at the same time?


That really depends on your location. There may be many schools around, there may be few, there may be none.

You do need to know the vast majority of people who attempt to train part-time are ultimately unsuccessful. This is the reason why when you visit their websites they often have just one success story vs ATPs 100 per month. The fact is that flight training depends heavily on consistency which is who both the airlines and the military train their pilots daily.

I understand not working can require a huge sacrifice but the gains in seniority and potential earnings make it worth it.

Just something to consider.




Flight training while working full time will be very difficult. Flight training works best when one can constantly build on the skills recently learned, this means no large breaks in training. When people work, they often try to train in the evenings, weekends, etc, which translates to a very limited time available for training. What could be done in a few months will likely stretch out over years and years. I got my private license while I was a full time college student, it took forever and cost way more than it should have. I would really recommend trying to find a way to flight train full time if this is something you are serious about doing as a career.