Working for Cathay Pacific

Hey there,

I’ve been researching working for Cathay Pacific and wondering how likely they are to hire an American as a Second Officer. I know they are accepting foreign pilots and the pay is not so bad. A friend of a friend in Australia was hired as a 2nd Office with 400 hours working as a CFI.

So my questions are:

What would be the process in transferring all US pilot licenses to the HK equivalents?
How rigorous is the interview process with Cathay?
Would it make more sense to accrue 3,000 hours working for the regionals then applying for Cathay Pacific First Officer?

Appreciate your help!



I’m sorry but this forum is geared more towards pilots living and desiring to work in the US. I think you’d be better asking your question on one of the foreign forums like

I do know a few former Cathay pilots (all hated there) who are from the US so yes they will hire you. The interview process I’ve been told is a bear (you have to get 100% on their version of an ATP Knowledge exam AND then pass a very strenuous highly technical oral). Finally I don’t believe flying for a Regional would give you any advantage as they will basically redo all your training. From what I understand they actually prefer pilots with min experience so they can groom you their way.