Working for Horizon and future hiring needs

I am starting to go through the pipeline to get into ATP. My future aspiration is to work for Horizon, given that the are based in GEG were my family lives. Since you are on the inside already, do you know if Spokane is a highly sought after location, Is Horizon speculating that the hiring of pilots going to continue or drop off in the foreseeable future , Is there a way to get a more in-depth view of the benefits they offer, and how family oriented is the company? I know it’s a lot and we can talk offline if needed. I can send you my contact info.



Spokane is highly desirable for Q400 pilots, but not so much for E175 pilots. The only base for the E175 is SEA with PDX and PAE as satellite bases.

I don’t know what Horizon’s hiring agenda looks like. I’m always flying on the days the company holds Pilot Chats. I haven’t heard of any intentions of slowing down though. If we do slow down then it would only be because of the projected industry-wide shortage trend.

We have Vanguard Investment Plans up to 6% matching (Standard 401K or Roth), Employee Stock Purchase Program, Premera Blue Cross HSA. I don’t know how much more in-depth you’re looking for. For more specifics HR should be able to give you all the info you need.

Horizon and Alaska both have strong family values. It feels like being part of a family, flying with the Air Group team, but I think for the most part all of the major airlines are family-oriented. Alaska and Horizon are just small in comparison. So, you get that first name basis experience.



Thank you Tory for the quick response and turn around. I am making a big jump for the GOV to private sector and would prefer to know that there may be a place to land. Again, I really appreciate it.

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Anytime, Karl.

Tory, can you explain the difference between base and satellite base? Is a satellite base still a pilot domicile and can I start trips from this location? Also, how senior is PDX for the E175?



PDX is very senior for the E175. I wouldn’t be able to quantify. Just from hearsay.

Satellite bases are small pilot bases that aren’t restricted by minimum flying requirements that a standard base is required to have via the contract. That means that the company is not required to maintain a minimum number of lines per pilot. The company also has the authority to pull some of or all of the flying from a satellite base without notice. The company isn’t required to keep a base chief pilot staffed or fulfill any of the other normal base requirements.

That said, if you are awarded a satellite base, your trips will start and end there.


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Hi Tory,

So does newly hired pilots at Horizon have a choice for which plane they want to fly? And if you live near Seattle, can you get the Seattle base?


As with any airline, it depends what the situation is like at that specific moment in time. Available slots for aircraft or bases are dynamic. A new hire may or may not have a choice.

Before COVID, anecdotally I heard that new hires were given the choice of aircraft. If you chose the E175 by default you would also get SEA. If you chose the Q400 you would get MFR, but don’t quote me on that.

We’ll see what changes the company will make to hiring after the downturn.



Oh yeah thats true. The virus is affecting a lot of companies. Thank you very much for all the information. Stay safe.

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