Working Full Time and Instructing?

I was wondering how flexible is a flight instructing job? Would I be able to work full time and flight instruct at the same time? Keep in mind that my schedule at my full time job would be early mornings and/or afternoons (0500-1330 / 1330-2200). Is that feasable, or do most instructors only instruct?

Hello Andrew,

That depends on the flight school you’re working for? If you’re talking about instructing for ATP after completing their Career Program the answer is not flexible at all. Just as ATP’s training is full time so are all their instructor positions. You’re “joined” with your students and have very specific goals and a finite amount of time to accomplish them. It’s a full time job period. Now there are many local flight schools out there who may be able to accommodate your work schedule but you’d have to discuss that with the particular school. Also keep in mind many students who go to local flight schools are doing so because they’re trying to manage a job as well and that often means early mornings and afternoons are when they try to train. If you can only commit to evenings you’re severely limiting the amount of instruction you can do since new pilots generally don’t train in the dark.



Something to keep in mind is that your long term goal is to fly for the airlines. If you are only available to your students half time it will take you much longer to get the 1,500 hours necessary. Being a full time CFI is the fastest path to the airlines.