Working full time while in the program

Hello I am currently working full time. I have the ability to take a day or two off and leave early for work if needed on occasion. I start work at 11pm and am off by 7 am. I would be able to make it to the class at 740 am.

My question is would I be able to attend this school ? I am 33 and have a family.

My work place is flexible with time and I would be off at least two days in the week.


No, this would absolutely not work. When would you sleep? When would you study?



I’ve had many flights at 6am which means getting to the airport atleast a hour early to make sure the plane is preflighted, you’re items for the day are in order and so on.

Also during crew you could be gone as long as 2 weeks and I just got the email for CFI academy and currently it’s taking between 3-6 weeks and that’s right now who knows it could be longer in 6 months if you start today.

This is absolutely not possible. Even with a self-paced program at a non-ATP Part 61 school you would have a tough time succeeding with those kinds of commitments on your time and energy. You will not be ready or safe to fly.


And you’ll be sleeping when? Not sure what you think flight training is about but it’s not basket weaving. While I appreciate your desire to maintain your income, you’re talking about undertaking an accelerated program that requires a fulltime commitment on your part to be successful. While no one can stop you from working, attempting to do so will almost guarantee your failure not to mention wasting a whole lot of money.