Working on License while Working

Hi all, I apologize if this is a repeat question. I am a 24 year old graduate looking to work my way up to becoming a Commercial Pilot in the future. Right now i need to work to fund some of flight school and once that is done i plan to be an instructor to work on the rest of my hours. In looking at the best options for me i see that there is ATP, Aviation Adventures and American Aviation. I’m just to the SW of Washington D.C.

ATP: Can’t link this one as i can only post two links.
Aviation Adventures:
American Aviation:

In looking at all of the options the American one seems the cheapest but i know cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good. I also want to stay in my salaried job as much as i can right now (M-F 9-5) to save up Money for the rest of the flight training in my future. Any insight or thoughts on this would be very appreciated.


If you must continue working then ATP is out. ATP is a full time commitment and even working part-time if discouraged as the training is highly accelerated.

Not familiar with the other schools but know that flight training part-time can be very expensive and frustrating.



I’m not familiar with Aviation Adventures or American Aviation either. I suggest you spend some time with both of them to get a better comparison.

I think the more important question that you need to consider is how realistic is it to train while working full-time? While not impossible, from my experience that method prolongs the program timeline and could potentially derail the flight training all together. Not saying that it is a for sure way to waste thousands of dollars. I’m just saying that you need to be extremely disciplined and focused.

The better and more proven method is to enroll in an accelerated flight training program. That way flight training becomes your top priority.

If you just can’t find the means to quit your full-time job, then I suggest starting with your PPL and then revisiting the option to enroll in a full-time program.



I’m currently training with American Aviation at Manassas. It’s a good school with good equipment, however, they are short on CFIs. I’d recommend taking the list of questions that Chris posted in the FAQ section and go visit each school:

In addition to the questions about number of students/aircraft/etc., ask them to show you the scheduling system and look at the availability over the next several weeks. American Aviation has four daytime flight blocks per day. The last time block is 15:30-18:00. Therefore, you won’t be able to fly during the week with your current work schedule. I’m looking at their schedule right now and the weekend availability is few and far between. Ask Aviation Adventures the same question and see if the availability is any better.

For what it’s worth, American Aviation has hired multiple CFI’s in the last several weeks and the outlook is improving. However, these are questions you definitely want to ask before buying block time or one of the packages. Like Tory said, it might be better to wait until you can fully invest into an accelerated program which can ultimately save you time and money in the long run.

Good luck to you!

What is “full time” based on? More specifically, what is the 9 month completion on the course timeline based on? 5, 6, 7 days a week? 8, 10, 12 hours a day? Or, can you basically train for as many days and hours as you want? I retire from the military in 2022 and plan (if accepted) on going full speed on training. No outside job.

Typically it’s 4-5 days a week

But not sure what that’s based on


It’s based on 5 days a week and as many hours as needed. Some days will be longer than others and there are other factors (weather, stage of training, examiner ability). When all’s said and done the 9mos is an accurate timeframe.

Many people get the idea they want and can train ridiculously long days and shorten the course but the program is already highly accelerated. The fact is flight training can be mentally exhausting (imagine driving in really bad weather for 2hrs straight). There’s a point where it’s no longer productive.



Full time is exactly that, full time. It means that every day and most waking hours need to be devoted to flying, working in the sim, ground school, or studying. I know it is tempting to try to fit a job into the mix, but it really is not possible, at least not without significantly impacting your success in the program.

That is not to say that every day is a twelve hour day. Some are longer, some are shorter, but I would plan on a long day everyday.


Copy all. Thanks guys.