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Working Part Time While Enrolled In Full Time Program?

35 yr old with 100 hrs PPL zeroing in on the IRA written and wondering what the actual hours of full time training would consist of in the program? In order to ease the burden in the cost of loans is it realistic that I might continue working Friday nights and weekends to earn some money while I study or is that untenable? Also, when would I become responsible for paying back the loans generally? I think I read somewhere that the initial payments are designed to be very low for the first year or so then kick up to the normal level. Just wondering when that repayment process starts and if I could work weekends while enrolled full time? Not sure how flexible the full time program hours are. Thanks!!!


It would not be possible to work while in the program. You will be very busy, both with flying and studying. One of the ways that ATP is able to train students so quickly is by using total immersion, this will not happen if you are working.

For loan specific questions I recommend that you contact the admissions department as they are the experts on this. What I can tell you is that some of the lenders will allow you to defer your loan payments for a few months after you complete your training.

Also, keep the tuition reimbursement program in mind, you can read more about it here:


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I’d side with Chris. After asking all the same questions and determining the possibilities the limitation are huge for those 9 months. If you need money in that time id recommend saving or taking out extra on the loan…

You want to reduce your loan the only way I would suggest is simply to save even though I relize that option can be difficult in a short time like this.


Most lenders will let you defer payments or made interest only payments for a while. Not the best idea fiscally as the interest will continue to acrue and you’ll end up paying considerably more but it is an option.


Thanks for all for your candor and wisdom about this. I have some thinking to do. Knowing you guys are on here to help is really great. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions!