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I have a question of a different nature, but may help would be appreciated. Are pilots who are LGBT or male or female discriminated against when applying to airlines? I know each airline is different,but does anyone know? Also, how is it in the workplace with coworkers if your hired.

Hello Alx (?),

I know when many people think airline pilot they immediately picture an old silver haired white guy (and I’m actually hoping to be that old silver haired white guy some day) but the reality is that picture has changed considerably over the years. The airlines have evolved over the years and are now quite diverse. Race, gender, religion, sexual orientation are not factors when it comes to getting hired. Do you have the skills and can you play well with others are what matter.

I’d encourage you to visit the NGPA (Natl Gay Pilots Assoc, for more support. I’m actually friends with the Exec Director (who just left Hawaiian for American Airlines) and 2 of the board members. Great organization.

Good question.


Thank you so much for the quick response. This relieves me to know that my dream is friendly to people from all different walks of life. Have a good day Adam.
Alx James


I actually just flew with a male captain who is of that nature, we talked about his family and work experience just like I would with any other pilot. The industry has changed with the rest of the country, I don’t think that somebody’s persuasion is a concern of anybody else’s anymore.


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That is good to hear. Thank you for your feedback. Have a splendid day