Would a double major help in getting a job down the line?

I’m heading into college right now for a finance degree. From the way I understand it, the business college at my university is set up so that business students can basically forgo some electives, and complete a double major in pretty much the same time. Is this something that would make me considerably more competitive in the future?


Not in the least. Airlines hire experienced skilled pilots and the Majors want a 4 year degree. Beyond that they’re not concerned how many or even what you major in, as long as it’s a legitimate school.

Not trying to discourage you and if that’s something you’d like to do then by all means do but again it will not make you more competitive.



Not at all. The major airlines just want to see a degree, a double major will not do anything to increase your standing. I would focus on getting the degree as soon as possible, with good grades, and then work on flight training.


If it’s something that interests you, go for it. But if you’re only doing it to impress the airlines later on, don’t bother. Just stick to the one degree and get the best GPA you can. That’s what the airlines will care to see…