Would these medical conditions disqualify me?

Hello, new guy here.

I am currently active duty in the Army and have about 6 months left before I separate. I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea (being treated with CPAP machine) and my orthopedic specialist recommends I have surgery on possibly both of my arms to shorten my ulnar bone. He says I should be able to recover fully without problems.

The main concern I had was with sleep apnea. Would this condition disqualify me?

I should be doing a flight physical soon, but I just wanted answers now before paying out of pocket for a flight physical.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you!


None of us are doctors, and even if someone tells you “they know a guy who knows a guy who…” every case is different. You’ll need to consult an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) to know for sure.



Copied and pasted from another thread I recently replied on:

We are not medical professionals; therefore, we recommend any medical questions directed to an AME. I found a link where you could find some medical conditions that are disqualifying:

AME’s have a better understanding of the medical certificate than we do, if they feel something is worth noting and looked into, they will differ the medical to OKC. To find your nearest AME, I suggest using this link:

Find an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)


As everyone else has mentioned, talk with an AME. I received this the other day from my AME regarding Sleep Apnea that specifies what is needed to be sent in. The biggest thing is to make sure you’re using the machine for treatment as directed by your treating physician.

This article can provide some additional information as well, but ultimately, you really should get with your AME.

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Thanks for that Stephen. I am going to try and come prepared with all that info at my appointment next week.