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Write-up for CFI Indoc at Jacksonville?

Anyone have a write up for Indoc at JAX?
Would like to know what to expect day to day.
Thanks! Appreciate the replies!

I went to Jax for CFI Indoc back in September of 2019. I’m sure some things have changed since then but I can give you a general idea of what to expect… It was about a week long. The first day was at headquarters. We got to take a tour of the admin offices, meet management and the rest of the support staff. We got tutorial on how to use the Instructor portal (ATP Intranet) and schedule out future student loads. The rest of the week, you head out to KCRG and get a combo of ground school and flight session throughout the week. The grounds are as a class while the flights are scheduled out based on Instructor availability. During the times that ground school is completed for the day and others are flying, you’re expected to be working on the CFI modules (there are quite bit). I remember having one written test based on the Archer/Cessna Supplement and two flights. The first one was VFR so all the private and commercial maneuvers plus TOLs. The second was all IFR. Just one final check you’re proficient to take on students at any phase of the program. The final day, the class goes back to headquarters for one final meeting and the issuance of Instructor badges. Hope this helped!


Thank you very much Hannah! I really appreciate it! Super helpful!

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