Written exam score

I have a quick question I took my written exam and got a 73 percent will this affect my Checkride and should I retake the test?


It will absolutely affect your checkride (unless the examiner is feeling generous but I wouldn’t count on that). I have to be honest, the FAA Knowledge exams are by far the simplest part of the process. All the questions and answers are readily available for anybody to study and I maintain if a person dedicates enough time and effort there’s no reason to not score well into the 90s. The FAA examiners are well aware of this fact and your 73 (which is barely passing) indicates to the examiner that you simply did not study long and hard enough which demonstrates not only a lack of knowledge, but more so a lack of effort. If I were you I’d study my butt off and anticipate a long painful oral exam as part of your practical.

I also wouldn’t bother retaking the exam. If you do it will say on it “# of Attempts 2” which pretty much tells the examiner you did so poorly (or even failed the first exam) that you chose to take it again which says the same thing as your 73.

Study hard and prepare for your practical to impress the examiner. After you pass put this one behind you but you do need to step it up for the future. The exams get harder and once you get to the airlines you’ll think these tests are a joke by comparison.


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Thanks and I will study hard for my Checkride

I am going to disagree with Adam on this one, I would retake the test. Yes, the retake will show that it was attempt two, but I bring the first one with me as well to prove that it was in fact a passing grade. When the examiner asks why you retook the test, I would say something like “when I earned such a poor score on the first exam, I realized that I was not taking my training seriously and that I really needed to buckle down and study hard.”

Now the key to this is getting a good score on the second exam.



I would retake it. 73 is passing, but if you have the time to study, it’s better to show up with a better score.


Ok thanks I’ll try to retake it in a couple of weeks

Make sure that you are really well prepare for it. I would take several practice tests and make sure that you were consistently getting a 95% or better before taking the actual exam.

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Ok thanks