Written Exams Passed

Happy to say that as of today I finished all of the required written exams for ATP’s program. Also knocked out the IGI and AGI. Sheppard Air was a big help. Getting them out of the way in a hurry also helped in terms of staying fresh. I’d definitely encourage anyone that is signed up for a start date with ATP to spend a couple weeks buckling down and smashing these exams, which really are quite simple.

Also, thanks to the mentors for the tip to get the ground instructor tests done. They are essentially repeats of info already covered.


Oh wow man! What should be expected after completing them? Faster checkrides?

Hey Angel,

The check rides are a completely different story. For the most part, the written exams have to do with rote memory, while the knowledge for the check rides is much more practical and in-depth, hence why they are called, “practical tests.” However, that being said, I am hoping that having the written tests completed will allow me more time to focus on more applicable knowledge. I’d say try to knock them out as quickly as possible once you get started with Sheppard Air, while the info is still fresh on the brain. Remember, ATP provides access to this material.


Excellent work! You have given yourself a huge advantage in the program and trust me when I say that you will be glad that you did this. When is your start date?


My start date is the end of June.

I’m currently sitting at KRIC waiting to take the IRA, FII, and IGI starting at 7PM. Needless to say I’m jealous that you’re already done haha. But congrats on finishing them up man!

Wow, you are really ahead of the curve then. I suggest digging into the private and instrument manuals next. Teach yourself as much as you can before you start, although it sounds like you must already have a pretty in-depth knowledge of the material.


Sounds like a long night of taking tests for you. Good luck! I would take the IGI first as it can be used as a practice to make sure that you are really ready for the IRA and FII.



No kidding. Lol. Remodeling made my schedule back up a few hours from originally planned. Thanks for the recommendation. After igi which would you recommend taking second?

Finished up the instrument rating, flight instructor instrument, and instrument ground instructor writtens a few minutes ago. Starting at 7PM wasn’t the best plan, I was drained at the end. 4 more to go…

I did take the IGI first and I did best on it. My performance went down 2% on each test thereafter. As did my focus level. :joy::joy::joy:

Congratulations! How long did it take you to get all the writtens out of the way?

Took three weeks.


Congratulations on passing all three exams, that is quite an accomplishment! Keep up the good work.


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Nice job to you both! That’s the way you get ahead.



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Could someone lists all of the written exams you have to take during the program. I think I know of most of them if not all but I just want to be sure! :stuck_out_tongue:


These are the required exams, there are a few extras but again they’re not require.

PAR: Private Pilot Airplane
IRA: Instrument Rating Airplane
CFII: Flt Instructor Instrument
CAX: Commercial Pilot Airplane
FIA: Flt Instructor Airplane
FOI: Fundamentals of Instruction
*The instrument exams should be taken at the same time as they use the same test bank of questions


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What are the not required ones? I saw IGI and AGI mentioned. Instrument and Advanced ground instructor?


You are correct, the IGI and AGI are the non required ones. You should take the IGI at the same time you take the other instrument ones and the IGI when you take the FIA as they are essentially the same.


How long did it take for you to complete all the required written exams? I’m still working on my private and my start date is July 17th