Years out

So I’m a Junior in highschool; and will be taking an introductory flight at a local flight school sometime in the near future; if I do enjoy it and decide it’s a path for me; during college should I take a few lessons here and there just to make sure I would still want to? I don’t think it’d be a great idea to get my PPL during college; so would this be a good way to do that?. Should I also read a few books over my time @ college to be better prepared, or just save that for when I’m less than a year out from starting training?


Great questions and I really like your approach so far. Definitely take the intro to see if this is something that’s right for you. But honestly, if you want to go up every now and then because you dig it and have a few bucks to spare that’s fine but a lesson here or there really won’t prepare you for anything so if you don’t need to I’d save my cash. Same goes for reading. If it’s interesting to you and you enjoy gaining knowledge, sure, read away, but again it won’t get you that much more ready and once you start training you’ll have to reread it all again. I’d focus on college, do well, then when you graduate you can focus all your attention on flying.



I completely agree with Adam on this one. Focusing on high school and then college are the best things you can do right now. Other than at some point taking an introductory flight, I would wait to spend any money until I was really serious about starting my flight training, which should be after college. I like how you are thinking on this. Slow and steady wins the race, every time.