Yehuda Lelah - Camarillo Location Housing


My name is Yehuda Lelah (22 years old) I start at ATP next month at the Camarillo Location. I am looking for housing in or around the location of the Airport as I currently live in the Culver City location. If anyone has any advice or looking for a roommate please feel free to reach out.

Cant wait to start my Piloting Career!
Study hard and fly safe!


The one piece of advice I can say to finding a roommate at your location is on Facebook there’s a student & alumni group, you can typically find individuals that are looking to fill room(s) sometimes.

As per housing, have you considered ATP housing? If you scroll mid page you can find the “housing” section and see if any is available.


Hi Brady,

I will check the website but I believe the Camarillo location does not have housing.


I went through ATP’s website and found this, I’d contact someone in admin and see if you can get set up.


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Thank you very much! You are correct they do, I guess when I signed up they didn’t have any available at the time but seems I was able to snatch up the last availability! Which is great! It is not too expensive, especially out here in California! You greatly saved me there from having to rent out from a stranger. Hoping it all works out!

Once again thank you so much!