Your Private Pilot Checkride Experience

Hey mentors! So taking a stroll through memory lane, what do you remember about your Private Pilot checkride? How was your examiner, where you nervous?, where there things you didn’t know at the time when asked? Would like to know how were your individual experiences through this stage of your careers. Me? I’m currently studying for the oral, trying to grasp every concept I can. Great day!

Like they’ve said before, it’s really just a conversation between pilots if you know your stuff. My examiner was a former Air Force pilot and had amazing stories to tell, making the mood light from the start. It was actually fun to do the oral and a learning experience in a way when he would elaborate on topics after I answered with some personal experience. Remember like someone said before, don’t try to impress with long answers, keep it short and to the point; ANSWER THE QUESTION! Haha.

The one thing I remember having trouble with in the oral was the aircraft logs and finding things in it. I never did any ground school at all and had never even seen the books before! I’m sure you are much more prepared in that aspect than me though!

For the flight part, just fly the plane and do what you know how to do. You would be at the checkride if you weren’t ready, so just relax, have fun, and do what you know how to do. Remember checklists, proper procedures, and try to talk your way through your flying verbally so the examiner knows what’s going on in your mind. Finally, know that if you fail something he will tell you and your day will be done. I know I, and a lot of others, have been taxiing into the FBO wondering if we had passed or failed!

Good luck buddy! Do good and have fun!

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Thank you!! I just remembered I had already asked a similar question to this!!! Oops, I appreciate the answer! Pumped!

Going off what Kamrin said, theY are not out there looking for reasons to fail you, and they are all experienced pilots. The DPE who did my exam had over 30,000 hours in all types of airplanes, and just getting to fly with someone and listen to their stories and advice make a comfortable environment. Again, they want you to pass, they know what you are going through as they have, at one point, done the same. I thought I needed to study more and was extremely nervous, and afterwards I laughed at how nervous I was the day or two leading up.


What all the others say has been my experience for all my checkrides. Most DPEs are great guys, good pilots and just want to spread the love. As I’ve said in the past, I know a few Examiners well and the only caveat is to make sure you’re prepared. While again they all want you to succeed, most have little patience for those who can’t be bothered to study.