Zed Passes

Just a quick question about Zed Passes. I saw that there are 3 zone level charges. They have Low, Medium, and High. Who qualifies for each category/zone? The Low zone fares are quite lower than the high zone fares, so I was wondering who gets to be in each category. Does it depend on job title, seniority, or what? As always, thanks for the help.

The zones on ZED passes are mileage based, it has nothing to do with seniority or company position. For example, ORF-EWR would be zone one, while EWR-SFO would be zone three.

So I know that the amount you pay is based on distance traveled. I was just looking at the Zed fare chart and it showed the mileage zones (1-450, 451-750, 751-1600, etc) but it shows that each of those zones, has 3 potential fares labeled YZL, YZM, YZH for economy fares. For example, EWR-SFO appears to be in the 1601-3200 mile range, but there are those 3 potential fares for low, medium, or high fare.

So are you saying which of those 3 fares you pay depends on the route?


To be honest, I have no idea. I simply go onto the website and it tells me what they cost. United has such a large route structure though that I very rarely feel the need to ride on another carrier. When I do, and I have some place that I absolutely need to be, I buy a regular ticket.



Zed fares are negotiated by the airline you fly for with other carriers. It varies from carrier to carrier and different airlines negotiate different deals. Typically all active employees get “medium” level charge, family gets “high” and mgmt. get “low”. That’s simply an example, again it can vary greatly depending on the deal your airline negotiated. If your airline has code shares or other partnerships they may have gotten a “low” fair deal for their employees, if it’s Timbuktu Airline and they don’t anticipate many employees using them they may have just made everyone high. In reality it doesn’t matter because it is what it is based on the airline you work for, you’ll go on a website and it’ll give you the fare.