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Hi There,

I’m Tania. Born 30-some years ago in beautiful Switzerland, lived 20 years there, 8 years in Spain and moved to Sunny San Diego. The advantage of moving that much is that I’m able to speak French, Spanish, English and Italian. :slight_smile:

Since I was a kid, I always dreamed of becoming a pilot.

I started looking into fly schools around me, and knowing how much I love flying as a passenger, I decided to do a first introductory flight, to make sure that I also love being on the front seat. The answer was an immediate yes! I want to fly, I want to become a pilot! I have flown a few other times, and same feeling still.

I’m glad I found this website, very helpful! Thank you to the mentors that despite their busy lives, take some time to help us dreamers answer our questions and doubts.

Not ready yet to start the school, but 2020 sounds like a promising year!

Fly safe,