Real Answers from Real Pilots



I am not a pilot, nor do I have any ambition to be one. But I’m fascinated by planes, and I’m a huge admirer of Captain Sullenberger and his amazing story. I’ve seen Sully countless times, and I just finished reading his book, Highest Duty.

I am here because there is a pilot who is important to me, and I’m trying to learn more about his world. I must confess to having been almost totally ignorant at first. I didn’t understand even such basics as seniority, bidding, or commuting. I had no idea how pilots train and stay current once trained. I didn’t understand what a cancer diagnosis at 58 meant, what loss of one’s medical means, the implications of an aviation degree, and why flight instruction as a substitute for flying might not be the most helpful thing to suggest.

Thanks to these forums and those at Airline Pilot Central, I understand SO much more than I did. I appreciate all the mentors who are here for the young people just starting out—you all do a fabulous job! And though you are not here for me, I thank all of you for showing me a bit of your world.