777 Tour

Ever wondered what the cockpit of a 777 looks like? Last night I got a full tour (from my Dad) :slight_smile:


Awesome, must have been a very proud moment for your father. Have you jump seated together? I did twice with my father and him once with me before he retired.


Not yet! Still trying to align our schedules so we can. That’s must have been such a fun experience for you and your father to share.


If you don’t mind me asking, how old is your Dad? Do you think you will have the chance to fly with him one day?


He turns 65 in May 2023, so unfortunately not likely. But you never know, it’s a wild time. New hires have the opportunity to go directly to the right seat of the 777… granted they will be on reserve for about a decade haha

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Do you think, if given the opportunity to fly with him, you would take it even though there would be the 2-year seat lock to go back once he retires?


No I don’t think I would. I can’t imagine being on reserve that long. I can always jumpseat on his last flight