$80k salary applying for $120k sallie mae loan? What's the approval chance?

$80k/year before tax salary, is this too low to get approved for a $120k sallie mae student loan? 815 credit score.

If salary is too low, will sallie mae just deny the loan or give me a counteroffer like approving $60k loan? Thanks.

Should I request to lower the student loan amount I am borrowing if you think salary too low? Thanks


While we have gone through the loan process, things have changed over the years. Underwriters come and go; executives transit through companies; policies change. The only way to find out what an underwriter would come back with based on terms and agreements is by applying - that’s one of the only ways to know if you’re going to be approved or not. Talking to an actual financial representative that’s licensed in finance may be able to give you better insight on approval.

Remember, credit lenders are lending you $100,000+ to go learn to fly a plane. They want to ensure repayment and getting their money back (and then some). If I could do flight training all over again, I would love to have done 50/50, cash/loan.



Apply for the loan and see what happens. If you’re not approved, the cosigner would be your best bet at improving your chances of getting approved.

We’re not loan advisors and if you have more questions reach out to Kirk in the finance department. He’s happy to help!


Hi Melody,

Just been through this so these fingers couldn’t resist responding to your inquiry. Reach out to ATP’s finance team. They are very helpful. Turns out there are options out there :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway, you could also apply to Sallie Mae to see what they offer.


I just created a thread about my experiences with loans and refinancing, I recommend giving it a 2-minute read: